Wyndham Extra Holidays — The Better Option to Rent Unused Owner Points



We receive a lot of questions from Wyndham owners about Wyndham Extra Holidays. So just what exactly is this program for Wyndham owners and how can they use it to recuperate would-be lost money when you cannot use your points? 

Wyndham Extra Holiday is specifically designed for Wyndham owners to allow them to rent the points they cannot use. The renting is done directly through Wyndham.

In this article, we will give you an abridged version of the Wyndham Extra Holidays program and how owners might navigate the program to better their situation as well as provide an alternative option to the program.

How the Wyndham Extra Holiday Program Works

Let’s start out by providing a definition of the Extra Holidays program. The rental program gives Wyndham owners an opportunity to rent their accommodations for cash. It looks inviting from the outside looking in, but does the program really work as satisfactorily as it appears on paper?  

Wyndham Extra HolidayWell, let’s take a closer look at the program.

Essentially, if you are unable to utilize all or some of the points in your Wyndham contract and are looking for an alternative, you can book a reservation at one of the participating Club Wyndham resorts as if you are going on vacation yourself. 

So as a Club Wyndham Plus member, if your travel plans ever change or you’re unable to vacation, you don’t have to let your points expire — you can use Extra Holidays to list your unused vacation time for rental.

From the Wyndham website: “Extra Holidays is a vacation rental program that offers you the option of renting accommodations for cash.” 

Then, they go on to say: “As a Club Wyndham Plus member, if your travel plans ever change or you’re unable to vacation, you don’t have to let your points expire — you can look to Extra Holidays to list your unused vacation time for rental.”

Potential Pitfalls of Extra Holiday Program

Many owners are not successfully using the extra holiday program. Ultimately, it’s up to Wyndham to decide what they rent out. So, an owner could have a week booked and Wyndham may only rent two days of that, and the other 5 days you get nothing. Some may not rent whatsoever. There is no price per point, no guarantee, no upfront money, etc.

In reality, Wyndham owners have large financing and maintenance fee payments.  What they receive back won’t even cover all of their fees

Lastly, renting unused points is seen as rental income and needs to be reported as such, affecting the bottom line of your taxes.

As the ole’ adage goes “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

Alternative Option to the Extra Holiday program

There’s no doubt the Extra Holidays program looks good to Wyndham owners on paper, only to find out later that the pitfalls can outweigh the benefits. 

Are there better options? We think so, and we’ll show you why. 

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In closing, Wyndham’s Extra Holiday Program can certainly help the owners recuperate some of the loses they would otherwise see if they cannot take advantage of the allotted points. 

Even though there are advantages to using the Extra Holiday Program, using Timeshare Rental Pros “Rent Points Not Properties ®” program should be looked at as an alternative, as there are clear advantages in doing so, as we have indicated here today.

We recommend you take a long, close look at your developer’s terms and services, and don’t forget to read the fine print. 

An alternate solution awaits you, one that hundreds of of our happy customers have already taken is to pay you cash upfront while we assume all of the risk.

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