What to Look for on a Timeshare Website: Good vs. Bad 

Timeshare websites are a great way to ease the stress of rental, but when you get lost in the sea of them, it’s not always clear which is good or bad. If this is your first time renting out your timeshare, you may not be able to tell the poor quality of a website when you see it. If a company can’t be trusted to present themselves on their website, how are they going to be in person? Any good company knows a strong online presence is a key to reaching as many potential clients as possible. Luckily for owners, when a timeshare website is easy for the average user to navigate through, you can spend your time better. This is key, especially when you are in a busy stage of life. You don’t have the time to compare other sites. Therefore, we compiled all the ways to determine whether you’re looking at a credible website or not.


A Bad Website Means The Company Has Something to Hide

Websites are one of those non-negotiables that should be pretty much spotless for potential clients. In this digital age, it is the number one way people find new companies. With so many timeshare rental companies out there, the competition to stand out is fierce- and this translates into a need for excellent websites. A bad timeshare website means that company has something to hide—which usually brings up red flags in any industry. Anyone looking at your site should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and with ease. When you’re up at 3 am surfing different websites, the last thing you want is to get stuck trying to find the company’s phone number. For a good rule of thumb, use caution when you see or experience these four things:

No clear contact information

When a company doesn’t have their phone number or email clearly displayed, it’s a sign they have something to hide. You should always be able to trace a company back to a number or some sort of address.

Lack of central location

Especially in the world we live in, some stores have decided a storefront or office isn’t necessary. Regardless, they should provide some information on where they work out.

Delayed responses

Emails and phone calls should be answered promptly, especially when you’re a potential new customer. If they can’t answer you fast in the beginning, you will get stuck with a service that gets dragged out way longer than necessary. The bottom line, you are the client and your time needs to be prioritized.

Unclear prices 

Sometimes prices are personalized depending on the service you need. Especially with timeshares, because everyone’s contract is so different, rental prices will differ. However, a company should have no issue giving you a quote for free or laying out what to expect in pricing. If it seems like a hefty price, they should have a section explaining why they price things so high. Of course, no rental website is perfect, but when dealing with something as important as a timeshare, it’s your time to be picky. If you see something and it gives you a bad gut feeling, chances are you have judged the site just right. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a company and question their services. Consider working with a company, if and only, they can clearly explain their processes on the phone or in person. Otherwise, anyone else is a waste of time. 

Good Websites Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know-No Hassle Involved!

A good timeshare website should have all the necessary information for potential renters to use in one place. It should tell you everything, and with no need to contact to explain the basics. Formatting is key to an excellent website. It needs to balance being innovative and colorful while still maintaining readability.  Anyone coming across a website for the first time knows nothing is worse than over the top font and images that make no sense. You know what you like better than anyone, so go with your first instinct on this one. With that being said, lets look at the components of a good timeshare rental website:

One clear, concise mission

When a company can effectively communicate its brand in a mission or about us, it’s typically the first good sign. Many brands get lost trying to figure out their true mission because they want to reach such a broad audience. If a brand can’t make you feel like your issues are personal or somehow relate to you in their statement, there’s little chance they can do the same in person. Their solution for timeshare rental should be unique, but realistic. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is.

Easy contact

Who wants to search around for a phone number or point of contact? We know we don’t. A good rental website will display their contact information or a link to contact right when you click on their page. This is a no-brainer to most people, but it’s more widespread than you think. You would not believe the amount of websites who make potential customers jump through hoops just to find an email they can use to express their concerns. A reputable company wants to hear from you and will do anything to work with you!


If their prices are hidden, so are their intentions. In an industry like timeshare rental, most prices are going to vary. The way a company rents out your unit will vary across the board. The one thing that should never waiver is the transparency of pricing. Good websites will clearly spell out their pricing, or at least give you a general idea of what you could be paying. If it is a higher price than normal, a company should have no issue breaking down their price structure.

Detailed FAQs

When you have a question, your website should have the answer. When a company has successfully worked with their clients before, they will have a list of FAQs on their website. They see the commonalities between new customers and want to eliminate as much confusion as possible. It is important to have a good FAQ section because customers can click on a topic that is like their issue and get a solution. It also helps the company maintain the website’s stability by keeping it from being overwhelmed with problems from customers.

Customer Reviews

If a company has great reviews, they should be easy to find on the web and social media. If their timeshare rental website does not have solid reviews, trust your gut instinct and run! It’s hard to get word of mouth in this industry because people are often disappointed with how things turn out or how a company treats them. Rental websites should also be able to reference past clients and show you the success they have found with them. Now, it’s up to you. You need to decide whether a website will work for your timeshare rental needs. Look around on our website and see how many boxes we check off. Learn from the hundreds of other families we have assisted in timeshare rental. Having a good timeshare rental website is just the beginning of the many things Timeshare Rental Pros offers your family!