Timeshare Rental: Vacation From Your Vacation

Did you know renting your timeshare could be as easy as letting our company pay you for your unused timeshare points? If you have used up all of your timeshare points, you are among the minority in timeshare ownership. If you haven’t, you know the struggle of wasted points all too well. Your timeshare developer had you sign across the “dotted line of doom”, and from there you felt like you couldn’t get a grip on anything.


Visiting your favorite spot is a much more complicated feat than the timeshare company let on. With all this lost time and money, what is your next option? Typically, you should begin the process of renting your timeshare. For some of the best results, this is the direction you want to start thinking in. Timeshare rentals are a great way for families to take a vacation without committing the financial responsibility of a timeshare. On your end, you get to make some money and get a handle on those annual maintenance fees. 


What if we told you it could be even easier than that? You don’t have to waste time searching around for a travel site to list your rental out to, drawing up a rental agreement, or worrying about last-minute cancellations! We rent out your points, pay you upfront, and from there connect your points with a vast database of willing vacationers. 



Timeshare Rental That Works

Timeshare Rental Pros has taken the unnecessary hassle out of the rental process. We are a family-owned and operated company that found renting out our timeshares was frustrating and confusing. We sought out our own solution and thus our “Rent Points, not Properties” mantra was born. 


Sitting back and watching other families run into the exact same problems was not something we were going to take part in. We offer other families the chance at the freedom they once felt like they lost. When they want to enjoy their vacations, they can, but when it’s time to cover those maintenance fees, they are no longer alone. We rent out points, not properties! And the best part? You will never pay a single fee to us. 


Why should I rent out my points? 

We encourage you to question the things that confuse you. Search out the answers you need and you will find an even greater peace of mind going into this process. No question is too late or early to ask. If renting out your points doesn’t sound like the option for you, let’s look at some other choices:


Renting out the unit yourself 

  • Many individuals find working with a company to be too big of a hassle. Some companies, especially in the timeshare rental industry, can be deceitful con-artists who make you big promises and run off with your money. If you decide to [rent out your timeshare/link to the “how to rent your timeshare” article already on the site], there are a few steps you want to make sure to keep in mind. With this option, people often find that the renting process is more than they can take on and the points just end up going to waste. 


Selling the unit 

  • All timeshares have a lifecycle. You enjoy the unit, you start to go less and less, the unit becomes a debt generator, and finally, you decide to try and exit. [Selling your timeshare/link to article about “thinking of selling your timeshare” already on the site] is a viable option that many owners end up satisfied with. However, without proper guidance, owners often lose more money on the sale than they paid for.


Doing nothing 

  • Simple enough; you could just do nothing with the timeshare. While the maintenance fees are a hassle to deal with, trying to rent, sell, or even exit your timeshare could present an even bigger issue. These are good thoughts to have and they are true-ish. Doing nothing could actually end up costing you in the long run, especially when the chance to make some money on your points is available. 


When it comes to renting your timeshare, you have the chance to decide what works best for your family. As the owner, we want to give you that freedom back to explore your options. Renting out your points with us allows you to get your cash upfront with a one-time payment. From there, you can decide what to do with your unit; whether that means continuing to rent with us or selling the unit for good. 


What is our process like? 

After speaking with one of our expert case evaluators, we will determine what renting with us would look like for you. Whichever developer you bought through will determine how much money you can receive for your points. We also require our customers to meet two qualifications. Our company is never going to offer up dreamy solutions to everyone’s problems. We want to make sure that when you work with us, you are seeing the results we promised. 


Right upfront, you will receive payment for your points. That’s right: you get paid right away. You will never receive any bill requesting money from you. We pay YOU, not the other way around. From here, we use our expansive database to connect your points with willing vacationers. We are a company with our foot fully in the door in the travel industry and have already put thousands of families on vacation with this process. 


Our database allows us to offer solutions on both ends of the spectrum: those looking to rent their points and those wanting an affordable vacation option. Although it is unforeseeable for us, if we are unable to use your points elsewhere, the financial hit is 100% on us. Our failure to use the points will have no effect on you receiving your payment. We have the confidence and the past success to feel comfortable taking this possible financial loss. 


Every year, you can rent more points with us. If it was a one-time process for you, we are happy to be the company to assist you. However, if another year rolls around and you want to experience that exact same immediate success, we are happy to repeat the process over again! 


Timeshare Rental with TSRP 

We have made renting out your timeshare easier than ever before. Enjoy the idea of vacationing again and allow us to take some of that weight off of your shoulders. Your family shouldn’t have to miss out because your annual maintenance fees are taking all of your money. 


If you can check off these two qualifications, that up-front payment is closer than you think:

  • As a Wyndham owner, you have a minimum of 300K rentable points 
  • As a Bluegreen owner, you have a minimum of 10K rentable points 
  • As a Marriott owner, you have a minimum of 5K rentable points 

If you are not with one of these developers, you can contact us via the online form. Within 24 hours, one of our Timeshare Membership Specialists will reach out to you and offer more insight for your respective resort. 

Calling today will get you on the phone with one of our team members within 24 hours! Don’t let doubt or fear cloud your judgment to think we might not be able to help you. Letting another year go by where you allow those maintenance fees to hold you back is not an option. Timeshare rental is no longer confusing or frustrating; it is now the doorway to financial freedom.