Timeshare Rental: The Only True Hands-Free Solution for Owners



Timeshares certainly have suffered from a bad reputation in the past, but the industry is seeing an uptick in recent years. Many who opt to buy a timeshare discover travel benefits over the cost of ownership. Others aren’t so lucky. 

The timeshare marketplace has historically been dominated by the baby boomers, but millennial travelers are beginning to discover the benefits as well. Yes, owning a timeshare comes with a lot of benefits. Having a luxurious resort await you and your family is certainly a goal for many and timeshares definitely fit the bill. 

But what about when an owner cannot use the points allocated to them in the time specified? What options are there for the owner that cannot take advantage of the points for a specific period of time? How can you recoup the absorbent maintenance fees? 

Enter the timeshare rental world.

Is Timeshare Rental a Viable Solution?

Timeshare RentalWell, most owners turn to timeshare rental as a way of offsetting unused points or unexpected maintenance costs of a timeshare. However, renting a timeshare on your own is not without a host of real headaches. It requires a lot of innate knowledge of the market and of the timeshare developer system, not to mention the need to know the ins and outs of renting out your timeshare. And last but not least, don’t forget the ever-present barrage of questions from the renters. 

Timeshare rental is certainly a viable solution for recouping unused points and maintenance costs but not without a lot of hand-holding along the way. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons timeshare owners choose timeshare rental as well as the best solution for renting.  

Reasons Owners Turn to Timeshare Rental

There are countless reasons an owner will turn to timeshare rental to recoup some of the absorbent costs a timeshare can incur and below are just a few: 

  • The owner cannot use points for any number of reasons
  • Timeshare Developer salesperson encourages and even presses owners to upgrade their accommodations causing excessive and unexpected costs
  • Timeshare Developer does not have a viable system or process in place to accommodate the owner’s unused points
  • Lack of resort options within a reasonable travel distance, especially if one or both owners do not wish to fly
  • Lack of owner inner working knowledge of the system
  • Do not know how to book certain reservations
  • Their Children or Grandchildren do not want the timeshare
  • Lack of knowledge of what they own, how to use it, and what benefits they have
  • The owner did not read the fine print
  • Maintenance fees continually go up
  • Change in family health circumstances
  • Change in financial status
  • Plain ole’ fashion boredom
  • Many, many more

There are many reasons owners turn to timeshare rental and most of them are warranted. However,  before you turn to rent your timeshare on your own, there is another, more lucrative option that nobody is talking about.   

Most Attractive Option – Rent Points Not Properties!

There is another option. One in which more and more owners are experiencing and <hollering from the rooftop(link to BBB reviews)> about how thrilled they are with the results!

Timeshare Rental Pros coined the slogan “RENT POINTS NOT PROPERTIES” and is a registered trademark. We are the only true timeshare rental process that removes all of the work for the owner.

Timeshare Rental Pros has been in the business of helping timeshare owners navigate the ever-changing timeshare industry landscape. We take over the entire timeshare rental process for you and, we pay you CASH UPFRONT for your points!

If you have questions, you can either call us at 855-377-6817or even make a free 30-minute consultation with one of our rental advisors.


So there you have it. Timeshare rental on your own is certainly an option that you can explore. But just be forewarned: it’s not for the faint of heart.

An alternative solution is one in that hundreds of our clients have expressed their happiness; one in which we’ve coined the tagline “RENT POINTS NOT PROPERTIES.” Here, we do all of the legwork and handle every aspect of the rental process for you. 

But the best part? You get paid within 24 hours of signing a contract!

If you have questions, you can either call us at 855-377-6817or even make a free 30-minute consultation with one of our rental advisors.

So don’t hesitate. Let Timeshare Rental Pros manage the entire rental cycle for you today and get paid in the process!