Timeshare Rental Pros vs. Wyndham Extra Holidays

Timeshare Rental Pros

If you have a timeshare to rent, we can say two things that are almost certainly true – you love the vacations you take with your family, and you hate wasting unused points at the end of the year. Sound familiar? Sure it does – almost every timeshare owner sees at least some of their points go to waste when the year ends. And that’s a shame. After all, you pay your full maintenance fees every year, but you don’t get to enjoy the full benefit from that expense.

It’s obvious that you need to find a solution to this problem. You need to find a way to continue enjoying your timeshare without feeling like you are wasting money each year along the way. One solution that you have probably thought of already is to rent Wyndham points. If you could figure out how to rent out Wyndham points, you could cover those maintenance fees and no longer fret seeing the wasted points disappear when the calendar turns over.

But how do you rent club Wyndham points? How can you make this idea a reality? How much does it cost to rent Wyndham points? Both Timeshare Rental Pros and Wyndham Extra Holidays offer solutions to this issue.

Turning Over the Task

At first, you might consider taking on the task of renting out your points all on your own. After all, wouldn’t it be easiest to just work directly with another party to rent out the points and complete the transaction? That might sound simple but looking a little deeper will highlight the many complicating factors that make such an approach unappealing. For instance –

  • Do you want to be answering questions from potential renters at all hours of the day and night?
  • Do you know all of the necessary details related to the resort in question? Potential renters will want to know as much as possible, and you’ll need to track down that information.
  • What’s included at the resort, and what requires an extra fee?
  • Is there a cleaning fee? How many vehicles can I park at the resort?
  • And on and on and on!

It should quickly become clear that renting your own points is more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, recovering your maintenance fees will feel great, but how much of your time did you have to spend to figure out how to rent Wyndham points? What could you have done with that time? You might find that you give up on this DIY approach before you even secure a renter, as you’ll be frustrated with the time and effort required.

This is where using an outside service to rent your points makes a lot of sense. Turning the task over to a third party who can handle all of the legwork is a big help, as the points listed above will no longer be your problem. You can let someone else handle all the details, and you can simply sit back and collect the money. Sounds good! Of course, before you can enjoy the end result, you will still need to pick a service to work with on this project.

What Should You Look For?

It would be easy to be drawn to the Wyndham Extra Holidays program right off the bat, as it is operated directly by Wyndham. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that what is offered by Timeshare Rental Pros is a more attractive option. It all comes down to the guarantee that we provide our clients. When you work with us, you get paid for your Timeshare points – all of them. It’s just that simple. We pay you upfront, and that’s the end of it. Whether we rent all of the points or not doesn’t make any difference to you in the end. The risk is ours, so you can know you have been compensated for your points and just move on with your life. No stress, no hassle, nothing. It’s easy.

Those who opt for the Wyndham Extra Holidays program may wind up getting their points paid for in the end – but the guarantee is missing. This is one answer to how to rent out Wyndham points, but it’s not a sure thing. You’ll only be compensated for the points that wind up being rented successfully, meaning you only get paid when they get paid. That works well for them, of course, but it leaves you out in the cold if they don’t manage to rent your points out. Or, if they only rent out some of the points, you won’t be paid for all of them. Given that setup, it’s easy to see why Timeshare Rental Pros would be the preferred choice. With nothing to worry about on your end, and no money to spend, you’ve found the perfect solution.

Listen to Others

We know all of this sound a little too good to be true, and you’ve probably been the target of many sales pitches over the years as a timeshare owner. But rest assured, we have no interest in doing anything tricky or sneaky. We only want to make a fair deal, where we rent all of your excess points and pay you a fair rate.

Beyond listening to us tell you about how great our program is for timeshare owners like you, it’s also a good idea to listen to those who have tried us already. Specifically, turn to the Better Business Bureau for opinions on our Point Rental Blueprint. You’ll find plenty of positive comments and support for our one-of-a-kind program.

What Else to Know?

The beauty of our Point Rental Blueprint system is its simplicity. There really isn’t much to know, and that’s by design. We keep it simple on your end, and our talented team does the hard work on our end. You just want your money, and we make it as easy as possible to make it to that point. How much does it cost to rent Wyndham points in this case? Nothing, as we take on all the risk and send up payment up front.

One thing to understand about the program is that we are only able to work with certain metal status owners. Specifically, we work with Platinum Presidential Reserve, Platinum, and Gold Wyndham owners who have at least 300,000 points to rent. If that sounds like you, please get in touch right away to learn more.

Do you have a huge pile of points – up into the millions – and you are worried about trying to rent them all? Don’t think twice about getting in touch with our team. We’ll rent all of them from you, and we’ll pay you upfront without any contingency on renting those points. The task of finding renters is on us, regardless of how many points you may have available.


In the end, it’s simple – go with Timeshare Rental Pros and leave the worries behind. Considering what we offer, there is no need to look elsewhere. We will never collect money from you, period. We take on all the risk, paying you upfront for your points and doing the legwork from there. If you are serious about having your maintenance fees covered and you don’t want to invest significant time and effort to make that happen, Timeshare Rental Pros is the perfect solution. Don’t worry any longer about how to rent out Wyndham points- simply contact us today and let’s get started.

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