Timeshare Rental Pros vs. ResortShare

Timeshare Rental Pros vs. ResortShare.com

Turning your extra timeshare points into money is just smart planning. It would be silly to let those points expire at the end of the year without getting any value from them – after all, you own those points, and you are paying your annual maintenance fees year after year. Getting value from the points you do use can offset maintenance fees and make the experience of owning a timeshare more enjoyable.

Two of the options at your disposal to make use of your extra points are Timeshare Rental Pros and ResortShare.com. With this blog post, we’d like to explain a bit how each of these work, so you can decide for yourself which one is the better option for your situation.

Different Approaches

The first thing to understand here is that these are not two companies offering the exact same thing under different brand names. The approach here is completely different, which will become clear as we walk through the models. First, let’s talk about what ResortShare.com has to offer. If you have come here trying to figure out how to rent out Wyndham points, you might be thinking that ResortShare.com is a good option. And, indeed, it may be. But let’s take a bit of a closer look at how it works.

According to their website, ResortShare.com will work with you to use up your unused timeshare points. So, if you’re trying to determine how to rent my Wyndham points, and you are stuck at the moment, ResortShare.com could be able to help. You’ll sign an agreement and tell them how many points you would like to rent out. So far, so good.

Advertising and Booking

One distinct advantage that ResortShare.com offers over renting out your own timeshare rental is that they will be doing the work for you. That means you don’t have to worry about creating a listing, managing questions, and all the various other tasks that come along with doing your own rental. Those tasks can be a major hassle, so it certainly can be a weight off your shoulders to have them do the work. Once a booking is confirmed, they will even handle the transaction, so you don’t have to deal with that potential headache. ResortShare.com will manage the listings for you, deal with potential renters, etc.

Also, this is a point rental model, so you don’t have to book dates in advance and then try to get them to rent out those dates. They will be working with the points, so they can be a bit more flexible than other agencies or the DIY method. Playing the guessing game of booking some dates and then trying to rent them out is never easy and can backfire in the end.

When Do You Get Paid?

The process here sounds pretty good, and it is, but there is one important question that needs to be answered – when do you get paid? After all, the only reason to learn how to rent out Wyndham points is so you can receive money and offset your maintenance fees for the year. With ResortShare.com, you’ll get paid when the process is done, and your points have been turned into a rental for a renter.

Once a deal is finished, you split the money with ResortShare.com. You get half for using your points, and they get half for handling the transaction from start to finish, including doing the listing and finding potential renters. So, the timeline to actually receive money will depend on how things go on the rental side, which will naturally vary from case to case. One piece of good news is that nothing is charged out of pocket, so you won’t have to spend any money to get started.

Getting paid at the end of the process seems like a perfectly reasonable way to do business, considering that is also when ResortShare.com will receive money for the rental. They’ll get the money from the renter and split it with you once that deal is done. There is nothing wrong with that arrangement, but you might be surprised to find that there is an even better offer on the table.

The Timeshare Rental Pros Difference

In many ways, what we can do for you is similar to what ResortShare.com can offer. We’ll rent your points, rather than renting properties, and we will take the burden off your plate in terms of creating the listings, finding renters, and all of those things you don’t have time to do (or just don’t want to do). Both Timeshare Rental Pros and ResortShare.com can help alleviate your burden while still working to cover maintenance fees.

But here’s the thing – we pay up front. Rather than waiting until the end of the process to receive payment for the points that have been rented, we pay you for your points right from the start before we even find a renter or list a property. In this way, we take on the risk in the deal, paying you for the points you would like to rent so you can deal with your maintenance fees and simply go on about your day to day life.

Want to know how to rent out Wyndham points in the most efficient way possible? It’s really quite simple – take yourself out of the deal to the greatest possible extent. By working with Timeshare Rental Pros, you just rent us the points you don’t want to use, receive your payment, and get on with life. We like to keep things simple, and it doesn’t get much simpler than that. To learn more about how this works and to see how well it can work for you, check out our Point Rental Blueprint. Also, by taking a moment to see our standing with the BBB, you’ll gain an appreciation for how many clients we have served successfully to date.

Some Details

In order to rent out your points, you’ll need to have 300K points available to rent. Also, we are only able to work with those holding ‘metal status’ of Gold or higher. As long as you meet those basic qualifications, we’ll be happy to rent out as many points as you would like to send our way, for as long as you would like to keep sending them our way. And remember, you don’t pay us for this service at any point. We will rent your points based on the qualifications above, pay you for those points, and that’s it. You simply will not be asked for money by Timeshare Rental Pros.

We appreciate the time you have taken to gain an understanding of the difference between ResortShare.com and Timeshare Rental Pros. While there is something to be said for what is offered by ResortShare.com, we hope it’s clear by now that the service provided by Timeshare Rental Pros is simply second-to-none. We help you cover your maintenance fees while taking on all of the risk in the equation. The answer to how to rent out Wyndham points has been right under your nose in the form of Timeshare Rental Pros. Simply rent us your points and forget the rest!

To get started, contact us at your convenience. We are excited to show you what we have to offer!