Have You Considered Timeshare Rental for Your Condo? 


Have you ever considered timeshare rental for your condo? 

What if we told you that instead of letting your condo sit, you could rent it out all year long for cash? Timeshare rental is one of the easiest ways to make money off your vacation home. When done right, it can open up a whole new world for you. 

There was no greater wake-up call than the recent pandemic we all endured. Life is always throwing us for a loop. If the last year or so has taught us one thing, it’s that preparing for the unexpectedness of life is one of the most important things you can do. This starts financially. In any phase of life, alternative streams of income are important. Renting out your condo is one way to ensure you always have extra cash in your bank account. When hard times hit, this cash could be the thing to save you and your family. 

Besides financially, timeshare rental can benefit in other ways as well. For starters, you don’t have to give up your condo altogether; you are only giving up the days you don’t use it. You get to decide the vacation days that work for you, and any that don’t can be rented out for cash. It’s also an excellent opportunity for those who need short-term housing during their travels but don’t want to pay high rates or book hotel reservations too far in advance. In this article, we will explore why condo rental should be in everyone’s future playbook. 

What Condo Owners like Most About Their Condo

Rental may be in your near future, but let’s look at your vacation past. It’s important to remember exactly why you bought the condo. Condos are some of the best vacation spots to revisit for several reasons:

  • Homelike feel 

They are the perfect mix of vacation and home. Staying in a resort is nice every once in a while. However, after a while, you just want to sleep in your own bed, or something that feels pretty close. Condos provide that sense of familiarity because of their amenities like a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and living areas. 

  • Sense of privacy 

Hotels can often feel like you’re vacationing with ten other families. The walls are relatively thin and everything and everyone is in one room. In a condo, you get the chance to escape the chaos of other vacationers. You can even escape your own family! The separate rooms allow your family to have some privacy and reset on your own time. 

  • Close to attractions 

One of the greatest perks is its proximity to local attractions. When on vacation, who wants to waste even more time driving an hour just for a day of fun? Condos are almost always conveniently located by the city’s best restaurants and outdoor activities. You save time and actually get the chance to explore the city. 

  • Accessibility

For younger or older families, condos offer a safe amount of space. By this, we mean that older couples don’t have to worry about getting up and down multiple levels or not being able to enjoy the view because it’s on the rooftop floor of a hotel. Younger families benefit because parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and insightful. 

If you agree with all these reasons and can even think of a few of your own, then why not share with others? Condo rental is the perfect way to diversify your income and prepare for any curveballs life throws at you. You’ll have guaranteed peace of mind knowing you can make money and save time, all with just a few clicks of a button.

Let others enjoy that same feeling 

Some people might think: if I’m going to rent, why don’t I just sell it right now. While this makes sense, selling your timeshare should never be your first move. This is a one-time payment you will receive and from there, you can never benefit from your timeshare again. Rental allows for a consistent stream of income for when you sell. At that point, you will get to walk away debt-free, meaning even more cash in your pocket. 

Until you sell, renting out your timeshare condo is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Financially, it offers you a lot of freedom. The money you make off renting has the potential to pay off your next vacation. Timeshare owners often run into no longer enjoying the spot their unit is in. After a while, they get sick of it and want something new. Rental can offer this opportunity and you and your family can explore alternative places.

Timeshare rental also gives others the chance to experience the same feeling you get out of owning your condo. When they see how great it is, they will consider buying a timeshare. The expansion of the database of timeshare owners is great for everyone, especially existing owners.

One of the best reasons to rent out your timeshare condo is the effect it has on your location’s economy. When you bring more people into that area, you help build up the community and increase its prosperity in a way that supports all living there, even if they themselves do not own a timeshare. When you choose to rent out your timeshare condo, you aren’t just helping yourself. In fact, the benefits of the process are never-ending.

Timeshare rental benefits 

What ARE the benefits of renting out your condo? To start, it can help pay off your mortgage. Owners are often stuck with their high annual maintenance fees, which can make it difficult to pay off their mortgage. With this extra cash, you can catch up on any late payments and even start getting ahead on future fees. As you know, this can help improve your credit score, which will help you out when you sell later.

For the time being, renting provides peace of mind to timeshare owners. When you work with a rental company, there is no maintenance required because they will take care of the advertising and organization of the unit. They set up renters for your unit and execute the actual rental. You save yourself the lost time and hassle you would’ve had to deal with had you rented it out by yourself.

Plus, when you work with a reputable rental company, you contribute to the cleanup of the timeshare industry; something you, as an owner, will highly benefit from. By renting out your unit, you “humanize” the process. Now, families can rent from actual people instead of large corporations renting their timeshare out with a robot. Not only do you get cash, but you can also feel good knowing you are a part of something that benefits others twofold.

Timeshare Rental Pros: No better option to rent with

Timeshare rental can be tricky when you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t know who to work with. At Timeshare Rental Pros LLC, we created the industry’s only hassle-free timeshare rental process. We rent out your unused timeshare points, not your property.

Forget all the stories you have heard of timeshare owners being scammed by faulty companies or rental deals that fell through. Working with Timeshare Rental Pros is foolproof. Why? Because we know what it’s like to search for a profitable rental option for our condo.

And you guessed it, we couldn’t find one. We found no service to be straightforward and could never get ourselves to agree to the ways of any companies. We heard of other families with the same issue, so we sought out the solution. Thus our Rent Points Not Properties® mantra was born.

Instead of involving owners in the mess of rental, we simplify things by renting their unused timeshare points. They get paid for their points right up front and get to walk away with cash in their pocket. Whether or not we get those points rented, the fall is completely on us.

We rent your points and handle the bookings from there. We are the only rental company that pays our customers upfront without requesting a single dime in return. Working with a trustworthy company doesn’t have to be rocket science- at least not with us!

Call us today and you will be on the phone with one of our expert case evaluators within the next 24 hours. Our team is excited to get you started on your first ever successful timeshare condo rental!