Extra, Extra: Timeshare Points for Sale

If you want to sell your timeshare points, you can and you should. It will give you back control over your timeshare again. As the owner, it’s unfortunate to admit how frequently you get taken advantage of. We are here to tell you that those days have seen their end.

Take a second to consider how much you’ve actually put those timeshare points to use. If you are like most timeshare owners, you are going to say very little. The timeshare companies have done a great job of luring you in, making you pay an upfront fee for your unit and an additional fee for those points. That’s a lot of money being paid to a company that gives almost nothing in return.

When you first make this purchase, it’s probably the most time and money you have ever spent on something that will probably be used once. A timeshare is a loan for future vacations, which means it’s basically a mortgage on something you don’t own at all.

Despite the timeshare developer’s protests, timeshares aren’t as good as owning your own vacation home; it only entitles you to vacation once a year. Not only that, some timeshare companies have maintenance fees that can run up to $10,000+ just for upkeep alone!

The timeshare industry doesn’t want you to know that timeshares have taxes and fees that go into effect every year. With a timeshare, the only way you can go is down, that is if you don’t sell your timeshare points.


How did they get control in the first place?

You may get stuck wondering how it ever got to this point. It’s actually more straightforward than you think. These timeshare companies have been in business for years and have developed a flawless system. They use their timeshare presentations to sell a mere fantasy. They reel you in with perks and a world of flexibility within your future vacations.

One thing you may miss in these presentations is that your vacation will require a certain amount of points before you can take them. And even if you do gain enough points, there are other factors that can affect your being able to use them:

-How long you’re looking to stay

-Time of year (holidays or popular seasons)

-Room size

-Resort popularity

Imagine that: you spend all this money upfront, have to buy points, and aren’t even able to use them. However, your money doesn’t have to go to waste. Selling your timeshare points is not a decision you will regret. It offers the chance to recoup a portion of your investment and start calling the shots on your timeshare.

Benefits of selling your timeshare points

Take a second and think about all the issues you have with trying to use your timeshare. These are the things you benefit from when you sell your points.

Profit from timeshare points:

Timeshares are a financial commitment that gives back little in return. When you sell your points, you get to profit off your timeshare. The cash you receive is redistributed back into your life and you get to use it any way you choose. Whether this means paying for a vacation you can actually enjoy or getting a handle on your unpaid fees, the choice is finally yours.

Choose your vacation times openly:

Timeshares can be tricky in booking times. The fine print holds restrictions to your unit making it almost impossible to find a time that works for your family. Selling your points takes the weight off your shoulders to be restricted to vacationing in only a one-time frame.

Avoid timeshare companies scheduling restrictions:

The last concern of most timeshare companies is actually getting you on those promised vacation days. Timeshare companies have predetermined times and locations they want to book instead of working to find a time that fits in your schedule. While this may be convenient for them, it is unrealistic for you. With financial freedom comes scheduling freedom; you get the chance to make your time off work for you and not rush into it.

I’m ready to sell, but how?

Whenever you’re at a crossroads with your timeshare, putting your points up for sale should be your go-to option. It gives you back three essential things: time, money, and energy. Selling your timeshare can make a significant impact on your finances. Seeing immediate success with tangible income allows you to step back with a logical mind and assess where you want to go from there.

The first step to selling is making sure you have the right information. You should know your options and talk to other owners to see their experience with point resale. There are many online groups and chat forums to connect with actual people and do some research. Many timeshare owners don’t think they can make any real money on their points. This is a common misconception and Timeshare Rental Pros has made it their mission to help owners see where their points can take them.

As the owner, you should always check with your resort to see what it can do for you. These timeshare companies do not want to lose customers, so if you’re considering selling your timeshare points, they may help you out. 

Unfortunately, most will not. Such large companies do not want to help just one person and find doing so a waste of time. They also sell your points to you knowing how little you will actually use them. In this case, why would they want to buy them back? They would lose money and have to sell them to another customer. They know the cycle and use it to their advantage.

Therefore, finding a company to sell your points with is key. This third party can get you the cash you are looking for in the time you need. But don’t just work with any company, search for the one who cares about giving you legitimate results.

Sell with Timeshare Rental Pros

Putting your timeshare points up for sale with us is one of the most sound decisions you can make. We aim to give you what you deserve: cash for your points. We are the only company on the market right now that can deliver your results right away.

Why? Because we Rent Points Not Properties®.

Once you speak with someone on our team, we are committed to getting you the most for your points. We are a zero-fee service, meaning you never have to pay us a cent. Depending on your developer, we will show you just how much money you can make off your points. You get paid upfront and we use your points to create bookings for our eager database of travelers.

Many point rental companies will say they can pay you for your points but when it comes down to putting that into action, they fall short. We won’t because we do the one thing no other company does: pay you for your points right up front. Our ability to use your points is completely separate from you getting paid. We have the results to be confident in our ability to book, which is why we have no issue paying you upfront.

Contact us today and begin on your journey to working with a company that wants to see you benefit from your timeshare. Put your timeshare points up for sale and watch as that financial burden becomes a smart investment.