You’re here because you’re experiencing frustration or confusion about how to pay for your timeshare maintenance fees again this year.  You may have unused points for several reasons, be it a lifestyle change or simply because your travel plans have changed this year.

That’s why we created Timeshare Rental Pros LLC!

We figured that if people were able to rent share their homes like they do on Airbnb and HomeAway, and rent share their cars like they do on Turo, why couldn’t timeshare owners rent share their unused points, to help them pay for their annual maintenance fees?

Our company was founded by a family that was frustrated with the Timeshare Rental options.  It was shocking to learn how little the real estate developer was willing to pay us for unused points.  We paid a lot of money up front for our points, and we like going on vacation at our beautiful resorts, but we had unused points every single year which made it painful to pay the annual maintenance fees. When you learn how to ® Rent Points Not Properties® you will fall in love with our ZERO FEE service.

Here’s the challenge you’re facing-

Unless you’re willing to search for available properties at all hours of the day and night, you just can’t find resorts with desirable dates, that attract good rental candidates.

And even if you find a great property available to rent, do you have time to list it on Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and the dozens of other travel agency websites?

And once you find the property and list it on a dozen or so travel sites, do you want to deal with getting the rental agreement signed, collecting the payment and changing names last minute on the reservation?

Timeshare Rental Pros is a full-service Timeshare rental management company that was created so that our families could do what we love best – travel when we want to, and rent our points to cover maintenance fees when we need to.

We use our proprietary technologies and combine them with the power of the largest online travel agencies to gain exposure to over 170 Million active vacation renters.

Most importantly, you will never pay a fee to Timeshare Rental Pros, we are performance-based advisors just like the folks at Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO

What makes us different, is that our fee is paid by the renter, not the Timeshare owner.

So, use your points when you want to, rent them out to cover maintenance fees when you don’t.  Click here to see what other families are saying about Timeshare Rental Pros

It’s that simple!

Chat with us now and  Timeshare rental pros eliminate the stress of paying for unused points and annual maintenance fees forever.