6 Big Problems with Renting Properties – And One Easy Solution

Timeshare Renting PropertiesIf you are timeshare owner – which you probably are if you have landed on this site – you may have thought about renting properties at some point along the way. Those annual maintenance fees are no fun to pay, so renting out a property to cover your annual costs is a nice idea. Your out of pocket responsibility will be taken care of, so you can just enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership without the ongoing expense.

Once you start to dig a little deeper, however, it becomes clear that renting properties might not be the great solution that it seems at first. In fact, it is filled with problems, and you will quickly find yourself with a headache. Many who have set out to rent a property have just decided to give up on it once they see how much work it really is.

If you are still thinking about going in this direction, please take a moment to check out the list of seven problems below. And, at the end, we offer up the perfect solution to all of these issues.

#1 – Finding a Property

Right off the bat, you will have to do some legwork to pick out a property that will be attractive to renters. Sure, you may know which properties you and your family like to visit, but will those be easy to see to renters? And what kind of unit should you rent? If you rent something big for a lot of points, you’ll need to find a renter willing to pay that price. On the other hand, renting something small will mean that bigger families won’t be able to consider your listing. It’s going to be a tough decision, and it’s hard to say how much time you’ll have to spend along the way trying to make these choices.

#2 – Creating a Listing

It might not seem like that much work to get a property listed for rent – that is, until you actually try to do it. You’ll find that you need to have great pictures available to attract renters, and those pictures need to be the right size for all of the various sites that you use for promoting your rental. Then, you’ll need to write a listing in a way that is appealing and honest. Unless you happen to be a copywriter for your profession, this is another task that might be harder than you expect at first. You may find yourself staring at your computer, trying to fill up a blank word processing document with something that will help your property get rented out in a timely manner.

#3 – Locating Available Dates

Timeshare owners already know the frustration that comes with trying to find available dates for their own vacations – that frustration is only compounded when trying to secure dates that you can then rent out to others. Sure, there might be availability the first week or two after kids go back to school in the fall, but will you be able to rent out those dates? It might be tough. Otherwise, if you want to book for the busy season, you are going to need to plan well in advance and perhaps wait a while before you actually secure a renter and receive payment. When you start to deal with all these headaches and hassles, you’ll find yourself wishing you had simply learned how to rent out Wyndham points instead. For more information on that, check out our Point Rental Blueprint right away.

#4 – The Questions – and More Questions

When you put up a listing for rent on the web, you may be surprised – or even stunned – to learn how many questions you will receive. Potential renters may be interested, but they are going to have a lot of questions before they are willing to make a booking. That means you are going to have to spend time answering those questions, and you probably won’t know the answers off the top of your head. So, you’ll be forced to research for those answers, then pass them along. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and not worth your time. Figuring out how to rent my Wyndham points by working with Timeshare Rental Pros is a far easier solution to this situation.

#5 – The Right People

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when renting out a property to cover timeshare maintenance costs is renting to the wrong people. If you choose renters who aren’t going to treat a property with the respect and care that it deserves, you’ll wind up in trouble down the road. Remember, these people are going to be using the property as your guests, so you need to make sure they are going to treat it as well as you would.

But how can you know what complete strangers will do? That’s where some of the heavy lifting comes in, as you need to communicate with the potential renter to learn more about them and their plans for the trip. Even after learning as much as you can, it’s still a leap of faith and a guessing game in some regard. It’s a better bet to work with Timeshare Rental Pros, as we can sort through the field of potential renters on our end to find the right fit for the property. And you get paid up front for your points, even if we never rent them out at all! Ready to learn how to rent out Wyndham points? Now is the time to review our Point Rental Blueprint.

#6 –Trading Your Time

At the end of the day, this is about your time. By learning how to rent my Wyndham points instead of a property, you can save time and use that time on whatever things are important to you. Covering your maintenance fees for the year is important, but it shouldn’t have to take away from time you want to spend doing things you love. That’s why we are so proud of what we have created with our Point Rental Blueprint. To see how well this works, and to see how many other people are satisfied with what we have been able to offer them so far, please check out our BBB listing. We have a great reputation in providing a solution to how to rent out Wyndham points, and we look forward to growing that reputation moving forward.

Rent Your Points Instead!

By working with Timeshare Rental Pros, you can simply rent your points rather than any specific property. We take on all the risk in this equation, and we make things as easy as possible for you from start to finish. In fact, the points don’t even have to be rented in order for you to make money! We pay you upfront, and it’s our problem from there to find a renter and do the legwork. You are out of the process as soon as you rent us your points and receive your payment. How easy is that?

Thank you for considering Timeshare Rental Pros. Our friendly team would be happy to help you right away, so give us a call to get started!