Why Timeshare Rental Pros?
®Rent Points Not Properties!
Rent Points Not Properties
Timeshare Rental Pros separates itself from the competition by helping you Rent Points Not Properties! No other company offers cash up front for points!
Fee Free
The rentshare economy is here to stay! Just think of Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO. What makes us different is that we never charge our clients a fee. The renter always pays our fees, never the Timeshare owner.
Full Service
Timeshare Rental Pros is a full-service Timeshare vacation management company. You will never have to deal with the Timeshare rental process ever again to cover your maintenance fees.
Educational Materials. Stay Informed

How much does it cost to work with Timeshare Rental Pros?

We NEVER charge you anything, we pay cash up front for points BEFORE we use them. Our clients have never been asked to send us money.

How and when do I get paid?

We pay our clients 100% of the agreed upon fee in our simple one-page contract.  We take 100% of the financial risk by paying cash up front for points, you will never send us a fee for our services!

What makes Timeshare Rental Pros different from the competition

No other company pays cash up front for points before we use the points.  We take 100% of the financial risk.

You never have to list your property, interact with a renter or wonder how you are going to cover your maintenance fees again. Rent Points Not Properties!


Why use Timeshare Rental Pros?

We have never sold a Timeshare, as a Timeshare owner I know exactly how you feel about selling points back to the developer for pennies.  You feel ripped off! We are a United States based Timeshare owners that offer full-service Timeshare point rental services.  I take 100% of the risk by paying cash up front for points.  Rent Points Not Properties!

Nothing like working with a USA based team that has skin in the game!

Am I allowed to rent my Timeshare?

According to the American Resort Development Association, 87% of timeshare resorts offer some type of rental program, so most likely you can.

You should check with your timeshare company directly as some of the developers have different stipulations about what you can and cannot do.

All the developers that we work with, do not allow you to rent your property for commercial gain or investment purposes and we will not be able to help you do that either.
Timeshares are for vacation, not investments.

You need to enjoy your timeshare whenever you can and when you can’t, we can help you recoup your maintenance fees every time we rent a property for you.

Is there any long-term contract with Timeshare Rental Pros?

We generate a new contract each time you rent us your points.  As soon as our last renter has checked in, the contract is marked completed in our client portal.

How much lead time do you need to rent my points?

We need as much as time as possible to book and then rent properties from the most desirable locations to offset your maintenance fees.

We do a lot of bookings within a few months of check-in, so we ask that you allow us at least 90 days to get some or all of your points booked.

What happens if your team is not able to rent out all my points?

Once we pay you for the rental of your points the money is yours whether or not we are successful in using them all or not.

If for some reason there are unused points in your account, because we did not have enough time to rent them, or for whatever reason, you will have already been compensated for those points.

We take 100% of the financial risk!

Am I going to be liable if the guest damages the property?

Most resorts and developers that we work with, do everything they can to hold the guest liable for all damages.

Our team ensures that every single guest name is attached to the specific reservation. As you know, the front desk requires picture ID and a credit card for damages upon check-in. If there’s a problem with a guest your developer has several processes and procedures in place to protect you.

Our team of highly trained experts will also be there as your advisor, to make sure the guest has abided by our specific rental terms and conditions also.

You now have two lines of defense!

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